Aunt Magda

Magdalena Rausová

Aunt Magda graduated from a secondary pedagogical school in Brno and psychology at the University of Olomouc.

Magda gained practice with children both during her studies and by participating in children’s camps and leading the Sunday school for preschool children.

As a volunteer in the European Voluntary Service, Aunt Magda also worked in Moldova at a leisure center for children and young people.

After graduating, she lived for two years in Spain, where she worked as a nanny for children from toddler to younger school age, she also taught children English.

In addition to the children’s group, Magda works for Tripitaka, where she provides career, development and social counseling for young people and runs a Fashion Handicraft Workshop for People with Mental Illness.

In her free time, Aunt Magda enjoys her dog, music (playing the oboe, piano and singing in a choir), amateur theater, vegan gastronomy and spends a lot of time in nature.

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