Aunt Lenička

Lenka Hniličková

Aunt Lenka graduated from a secondary nursing school in Brno, the field of study Laboratory Assistant, and afterwards continued by studying a one-year-long course of English at a language school. After that, she studied a three-year-long bachelor’s degree course in Social Pedagogics at Tomas Bata University in Zlín. She complemented her further education by taking part in a shortened learning of Preschool and Extra-curricular Pedagogy.

Aunt Lenka began to gain her experience with children around the age of sixteen as an instructor, later as a leader and sometimes also as a nurse at summer camps, family stays and nursery summer trips by Špuntík travel agency. Lenka has always been interested in this hobby and, nowadays, she cannot imagine a summer without wooden tents with wooden groundsheets, the smell of tree needles and children running in the forest with the mouth violet from blueberries… Lenka gained more out-of-work experience with children by tutoring, babysitting and over the course of swimming lessons with autistic children.

Aunt Lenka worked for three and a half years as a weekly caring aunt in Klokánek (facility for children requiring immediate help – Fund for children at risk) where she gained valuable experience in the field of work with children of different ages from toddlers up to secondary school students. There she complemented her education by passing an accredited course of a Worker in Social Services. Thereafter, she worked as a teacher in Waldorf nursery school. In the beginning of 2016, she decided to take part in Montessori Method of education for nursery schools and utilised newly acquired knowledge and experience in a montessori nursery for the duration of one year.

Aunt Lenka likes singing and dancing, she is keen on playing the guitar, piano and the flute. Her great hobby is sports. She also loves going for walks to the countryside with her four-legged member of the family. Her idea of meaningful spending time is the time spent with the family, friends or with a good book.

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