We present various physical laws as a part of entertaining tasks, we try popular experiments with water, heat, freezing, air, light and darkness, mirrors, magnets, shape-shifting, melting, solidification, volcano eruption 😊 . We try to support children’s creativity and intuition.


The founder of the nursery school is the Association for Communication Tools and Internet of Things, z.s., therefore, one of our goals is to support children’s mathematical and logical thinking. Children in the nursery recognise shapes, count, compose and build, fill in, answer riddles and much more.


Sports club SPORTY KIDS is led by coach Peťa. Children can choose from many sports activities such as cycling, inline skating, running, ball games and fitness training for the youngest. Our nursery cooperates with Sports club Meteor Brno and, apart from the actual club, we offer taking part in various competitions and sports events.


We care for the proper speech development of the children in our nursery. We include various articulation exercises and rhymes to daily activities. Although, if you are interested in an individual tuition of your child, there is the CHATTERBOX club. There, aunt Simča, a speech therapist assistant, practises the mouth and lips according to their needs. Alongside that, she strives to develop the vocabulary, motor activity and also graphic motor activity.


We strive to provide the children with an everyday encounter with English, namely by different games, songs and an English theatre. If you wish the English tuition to be more intense, you can enrol your child in the ENGLISH club. There, children learn new vocabulary, listen to songs and entirely individually talk with aunt Simonka.


Songs mean joy and joy means songs. We want your children to be joyful and happy. That’s why we sing and dance during the day. Children will clap their hands to the rhythm and we might also create a band! At the same time, there are also available individual flute lessons. The flute is good not only for a beautiful music but also beneficial for correct breathing.

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